Man pages for hafen/packagedocs
Build Website of Package Documentation

build_vignettesBuild CRAN and gh-pages vignettes
check_outputCheck output for warnings and errors
check_rd_indexCheck rd_index.yaml for missing or extra topics
deploy_travisDeploy to Github Pages from Travis-CI
init_vignettesInitialize a new packagedocs project
package_docsGenerate package docs
rd_linkTranslate a reference to a package function into a link to...
rd_templateGenerate the text to put in a rd.rmd file to build a package...
read_rmd_yamlRead .Rmd yaml header
render_redirectRender vignette redirect
secure_tokenSecure personal access token
to_htmlConvert an rdoc to a list of html components.
use_travisUse Travis CI
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