Man pages for hairizuanbinnoorazman/githubR
This package aims to make it easier to manage Github Repositories by using R scripts

authorizeAuthorize R package to access Github API
create_issue_commentCreate Comment in an Issue
create_milestoneCreate milestone
create_org_projectCreate a Project in a organization
create_project_columnCreate a Column in a Project
create_repo_projectCreate a Project in a repository
get_milestoneGet Milestone details
get_projectGet Project details
get_project_columnGet details on a project column
get_userGet User Information on a user
githubRgithubR: Managing Github via R
helloHello, World!
list_issues_commentsList Comments in an Issue
list_milestonesList Milestones in a Repository
list_org_projectsList Projects in a organization on Github
list_project_columnsList Columns in a Project
list_repo_issuesList Issues in a Repository
list_repo_projectsList Projects on a repository on Github
list_reposList Repositories of an Organization
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