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R Interface to Google Slides

add_create_image_requestAdd a create image request
add_create_shape_requestAdd a create shape request
add_create_slide_page_requestAdd a create slide request
add_create_table_requestAdd a create table request
add_create_video_requestAdd a create video request
add_delete_object_requestAdd a delete object request
add_delete_table_column_requestAdd a delete table column request
add_delete_table_row_requestAdd a delete table row request
add_delete_text_requestAdd a delete text request
add_insert_table_columns_requestAdd an insert table column request
add_insert_table_rows_requestAdd an insert table row request
add_insert_text_requestAdd an insert text request
add_replace_all_shapes_with_image_requestAdd a replace all shapes with image request
add_replace_all_text_requestAdd a replace all text request
add_update_slides_position_requestAdd an update slides position request
aligned_page_element_propertyConvenience function to return a page element property that...
authorizeAuthorize R package to access Google Slides API
check_validityConvenience function to return a value if the value is NA
commit_to_slidesCommit changes to slides
create_data_tableCreate and upload data into a table in slides
create_slidesCreate a new googleslide
dataframe_convertConvert dataframe to dataframe with rows and columns
get_endpointGenerate endpoint for the Google Slides API
get_google_drive_urlsGet the list of google drive url
get_slide_page_propertiesGet a single page of a Google Slides property
get_slides_propertiesGet Google Slides Properties
is.google_slide_requestCheck if the object is a google slide request object
is.page_element_propertyCheck if the object is a google slide request object
page_element_propertyCommon Property: Page Element Property
rgoogleslidesrgoogleslides: From R to Slides
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