Man pages for halpo/highlight
Syntax highlighter

boxes_latexCreates the set of latex boxes
css.parserMinimal CSS parser
dummy_detectiveIncompetent detective
external_highlightMulti-language source code highlighter
formatter_htmlhtml formatter
formatter_latexLatex formatter
getStyleFileget a style file
header_htmlhtml renderer header and footer
header_latexlatex header and footer
highlightsyntax highlighting based on the R parser
highlight.httpd.handlerhttpd handler for highlight
highlight_output_typesList of available output types supported by...
highlight-packageSyntax highlighter for R
highlight_themesList of themes supported by external_highlight
HighlightWeaveLatexSweave driver performing syntax highlighting
rendererhighlight renderer
renderer_htmlhtml renderer using span tags and CSS
renderer_latexLaTeX renderer
renderer_verbatimA dummy renderer
simple_detectiveSimple detective
stylerStyle definition generator
styler_assistant_latexlatex styler assistant
translator_latexLaTeX translator
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