Man pages for hannesmuehleisen/MonetDBLite-R
In-Process Version of 'MonetDB'

controlControl an external MonetDB server from the R shell.
dbApplyApply a R function to an external MonetDB table.
dbSendUpdateSend a data-altering SQL statement to the database....
mcShorthand connection constructor for external MonetDB
mlShorthand connection constructor for embedded MonetDB
monetdbd.liststatusGet list of available databases from external monetdbd
MonetDBLiteMonetDBLite DBI driver
monetdblite_shutdownShutdown MonetDBLite
MonetDB.RDBI database connector for external MonetDB database a CSV file into MonetDBLite
monetdbRtypeGet the name of the R data type for a database type.
sqlitecompatCompatibility functions for RSQLite
src_monetdbdplyr integration from MonetDBLite
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