setgreportOption: Set greport Options

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Set greport Options





a series of options for which non-default values are desired:

  • tx.pch:symbols corresponding to treatments

  • tx.col:colors corresponding to treatments

  • tx.linecol:colors for lines in line plots

  • nontx.col:colors for categories other than treatments

  • tx.lty:line types corresponding to treatments

  • tx.lwd:line widths corresponding to treatments

  • tx.var:character string name of treatment variable

  • er.col:2-vector with names "enrolled","randomized" containing colors to use for enrolled and randomized in needle displays

  • alpha.f:single numeric specifying alpha adjustment to be applied to all colors. Default is 0.7

  • denom:named vector with overall sample sizes

  • tablelink:a character string, either "tooltip" or "hyperref" (the default); use the latter to make supporting data tables be hyperlinked to tables in the appendix rather than using a pop-up tooltip

  • figenv:LaTeX figure environment to use, default is "figure". Use figenv="SCfigure" if using the LaTeX sidecap package. SCfigure is only used for narrow images, by calling putFig with sidecap=TRUE.

  • codefigpos:LaTeX figure environment position; default is "htb!"

  • gtype:graphics type, "pdf" or "interactive"

  • pdfdir:name of subdirectory in which to write pdf graphics

  • texdir:name of subdirectory in which to write LaTeX code

  • texwhere:default is "texdir" to use location specified by texdir. Set to "" to write generated non-appendix LaTeX code to the console as expected by knitr

  • defs:fully qualified file name to which to write LaTeX macro definitions such as poptables

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