summary.conclus: Compute and return summaries of a 'conclus' object.

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Compute and return summaries of a 'conclus' object.


## S3 method for class 'conclus'
summary(object, = TRUE, ...)



An object of class 'conclus'.

Whether to plot the result. Defaults to If, the output can be assigned to an object and plotted later using ggplot(object).


Not used.


The function computes the distribution function of the elements of the consensus matrices returned by the call to conclus. From these, it then returns the ares under the curves, and the incremental proportional changes to those areas as the number of clusters k is increeased. It also computes the 'cluster consensus' which enables the user to see which of the clusters identified are the most stable. These statistics are intended to aid the user in selecting how many clusters they might reasonably believe to exist. They should be used in conjunction with the plot of the consensus matrices, generated via ggplot(objec t), for the object that is passed to the summary function.

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