Man pages for hbc/bcbioRnaseq
bcbio RNA-Seq

bcbbcbio RNA-seq example data set
bcbioRNASeqbcbio RNA-Seq data set
bcbioRNASeq-classbcbio RNA-Seq data set
bcbioRNASeqTestsURLCache URL
coerceMethods for coercing an object to a class
defunctDefunct functions
deprecatedDeprecated functions
extractExtract or replace parts of an object
plot5Prime3PrimeBiasPlot 5' to 3' bias
plotCorrelationHeatmapCorrelation heatmap
plotCountsPlot counts
plotCountsPerBiotypePlot counts per biotype
plotCountsPerFeaturePlot counts per feature
plotDispEstsPlot dispersion estimates
plotExonicMappingRatePlot exonic mapping rate
plotGenderMarkersPlot sexually dimorphic gender marker genes
plotGeneSaturationPlot gene detection saturation
plotIntronicMappingRatePlot intronic mapping rate
plotMappedReadsPlot mapped reads
plotMappingRatePlot mapping rate
plotMeanSDPlot row standard deviations vs. row means
plotPCAPrincipal component analysis plot
plotPCACovariatesFind correlation between principal components (PCs) and...
plotPseudoVsAlignedCountsCompare pseudoaligned counts to aligned counts.
plotQCQuality control
plotRRNAMappingRatePlot ribosomal RNA (rRNA) mapping rate
plotTotalReadsPlot total reads
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relativeLogExpressionRelative log expression
showShow an object
slotAlignedCountsSlot aligned counts into object
tmmTrimmed mean of M-values
updateObjectUpdate an object to its current class definition
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