Man pages for hcc-donder/haywoodcc
Collection of functions for use at Haywood Community College (HCC)

ageCalculate the age.
ccp_programsAll current Career and College Promise (CCP) program codes.
coalesce_blanksCoalesce a value to a non-null and non-blank.
code_descriptionConvert code to description
credential_seekersReturn a data frame of students who are curriculum credential...
early_college_programsAll current Early College (EC) program codes.
fall_credential_seekersA special function to call credential_seekers for just a fall...
fall_enrollmentA special function to call term_enrollment for just a fall...
getColleagueDataReturn a data from data warehouse Colleague tables.
grapes-like-any-grapesReturn an element if it is like any one of the provided...
grapes-like-grapesJust another name for %like any%.
grapes-nin-grapesReturn a list of elements from x that are not in y.
grapes-nlike-grapesThe opposite of %like any%.
grapes-or-or-grapesIf lhs is null, then return rhs.
haywood_county_high_schoolsAll current high schools and codes for Haywood County.
high_school_programsAll current high school program codes.
ipeds_cohortReturn a data from of the IPEDS cohort data.
merge_filesMerge all files in a specified path
nsc_requestCreate a National Student Clearinghouse request file
nsc_request_paCreate a National Student Clearinghouse Prior Attendance (PA)...
nsc_request_seCreate a National Student Clearinghouse Subsequent Enrollment...
nsc_return_se_convertConvert National Student Clearinghouse return file to...
term_codeConvert term sequence to term code
term_enrollmentReturn enrollment for specified term as of the IPEDS...
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