Man pages for hdeng88/publishr

CnamesCharacter names
CtoFChange Characters to Factors
digit2formating numbers
DT2Display rectangular data
FnamesFactor names
FtoCChange Factors to Characters
mean_diffmean difference output from t-tests
mean_sdmean and sd
median_q"MEDIAN and Q1 and Q3"
NnamesNumeric names
n_ticksticks number control
percent2formating numbers
scale_colour_kdggplot2 theme scale color kd
scale_fill_kdggplot2 theme scale fill kd
summary2_glmsummary mod
summary2_lmsummary lm mod
summary3_glmsummary mod to a wrap-up fashion
summary3_lmsummary lm mod in a wraped up fashion
theme_kdggplot2 theme for publication
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