Man pages for henfiber/later
A Periodic Batch Processing Framework

avg_updateIncremental average calculation
cache_loadLoad cache for a specific range
cache_purge_expiredRemove cache data older than ttl seconds
cache_state_rangeGet cache state for a specific single or multi range
dir.hasFilesCheck if directory has files
dir.isLeafCheck if directory is leaf directory
dir.removeEmptyRemove empty directories
expand_rel_timeExpand abbreviated period expression
file_modified_less_thanCheck if file is recent
floor_date_extendedExtended options for the floor_date function
fmt_range_secondsRange formatter - seconds
from_secondsas.POSIXct wrapper
is_directoryCheck if input is directory
is_readableCheck if readable
lateLate runner
make_fun_kill_zombiesZombie processes killer-function generator
model_loadLoad the model from a file using readRDS robust
model_saveSave the model to a file using a robust function
period_extendedExtended period function
print_rangePrint a range
range_from_exprGet range from shorthand expression
range_recent_tcConstruct Ranges of datetimes
ranges_from_datesRanges from datetime vector
readRDS_robustRobust readRDS
remove_lockRemove lock file
saveRDS_robustRobust saveRDS
sd_updateIncremental Standard deviation calculation
split_data_on_dateSplit and save dataset by date
split_data_on_fieldSplit dataset on factor and saved parts to files
split_data_on_field_and_dateSplit and save dataset by date and field
task_addAdd a task to TaskList
task_changeChange a task in a TaskList
task_handlerA TaskList handler
task_list_resetReset a task list
task_list_schedulesExtract the schedules vector
withErrorControlError recovery and logging wrapper
with_lockRun expression with a lock file set
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