Man pages for hfgolino/EGAnet
Exploratory Graph Analysis - A Framework for Estimating the Number of Dimensions in Multivariate Data Using Network Psychometrics

bootEGADimension Stability Analysis of 'EGA'
boot.wmt'bootEGA' Results of 'wmt2'Data
CFACFA Fit of 'EGA' Structure
cmiConditional Mutual Information
depressionDepression Data
dynamic.plotDynamic Plot method for 'EGA' objects
EBICglasso.qgraph'EBICglasso' from 'qgraph' 1.4.4
EGAApply the Exploratory Graph Analysis technique'EGA' Optimal Model Fit using 'entropyFit'
ega.wmt'EGA' Network of 'wmt2'Data
entropyFitEntropy Fit Index
intelligenceBatteryIntelligence Data
itemStabilityItem Stability Statistics from 'bootEGA'
net.loadsNetwork Loadings
net.scoresNetwork Scores
optimismOptimism Data
plot.bootEGAPlot method for 'bootEGA' objects
plot.CFAPlot Method for 'CFA'
plot.EGAPlot method for 'EGA'objects
print.EGAPrint method for 'EGA' objects
residualEGAResidualized 'EGA'
summary.CFASummary for CFA objects of 'EGA' results
summary.EGASummary for 'EGA' objects
tefiTotal Entropy Fit Index using Von Neumman's entropy (Quantum...
toy.exampleToy Example
vn.entropyEntropy Fit Index using Von Neumman's entropy (Quantum...
wmt2WMT-2 Data
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