Man pages for hgvandenboorn/hgutils
Collection of Utility Functions

compound-pipeCompound assignment pipe operator
create_table_oneTable one
create_text_tableCreates a text table
crossref_descriptionSet imports for _DESCRIPTION_ file
description-functionsDescription functions
discretize_numbersDiscretize continuous numbers
dot-get_title_barCreates a title bar
dot-pkg_duplicatedFind duplicated packages names
format_durationFormat time duration
frmtFormat variable value
generic_implementationsRetrieve generic function implementations
get_breaksCreate nice axis breaks for plots
get_square_gridSpecifies a square grid which fits N objects.
inclusion_flowchartPatient flowchart
load_packagesLoad and install packages
message_coloursStandardized message colours
messagesDisplay coloured messages
pipePipe operator
print.patient_flowchartPrint the patient inclusion flowchart
print.percentage_tablePrint a formatted percentage table
progressbarCreates an animated progress bar
redundant_packagesFind redundant packages
rm_empty_rowsRemove empty rows
rm_naRemove 'NA'
rnd_dblRound number
separate_valuesSeparate values
sep_thousandsAdds comma's to separate thousands in numbers
spinnerCreates an animated spinner
startupCleans R for use
stfuS.T.F.U.: Stop Text From turning Up
update_settingsUpdate default function settings
valid_pkgnameValidate package and function names
wrap_text_tableWrap string table
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