API for hidelab/pcxn.db
Pathway correlation coefficients and p values between pre-defined gene sets

Global functions
Introduction to pcxn.db Man page
analyze_pcxn Man page Source code
cp_gs_v5.1 Man page
explore_pcxn Man page Source code
gmembers_pcxn Man page Source code
gobp_gs_v5.1 Man page
h_gs_v5.1 Man page
heatmap_pcxn Man page Source code
network_pcxn Man page Source code
pathCor_CPv5.1_dframe Man page
pathCor_GOBPv5.1_dframe Man page
pathCor_Hv5.1_dframe Man page
pathCor_pathprint_v1.2.3_dframe Man page
pathprint.Hs.gs Man page
pcxn.db Man page
pcxn_obj-class Man page
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