Man pages for hoangtt1989/NOIS
Non-parametric Outlier Identification and Smoothing

BIC_NOISModified BIC for NOIS Compute the modified Bayesian...
BIC_tuner#' @keywords internal qdet <- function(local_q = 0.1, nz)...
EL_confintEmpirical likelihood pointwise confidence bands for...
LOOCV_gridLOOCV Leave-one-out cross-validation
MCV_gridModified cross-validation
NOIS_confintPointwise confidence bands for "NOIS_fit" objects
NOIS_fitFitting NOIS to data
outlier_plotCreate a plot highlighting the outliers and a NOIS curve.
PCV_gridPartitioned cross-validation
pred_resid_BS_confintPredictive residuals bootstrap pointwise confidence bands for...
print.NOIS_fitPrint method for a NOIS fit
resid_BS_confintResidual resampling bootstrap pointwise confidence bands for...
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