Man pages for hoargroup/stationsweRegression
SWE Distribution for Station Observations

format_numerichelper function to format output to csvs
get_invsetup and clean station inventory
get_modscag_dataFunction to get MODSCAG data.
get_rcn_ncfunction to extract the 1st and 15th of each month from a...
get_stationswe_datadownload and combine station data
gnet_phvfscaFit the GLM-Net model to the data
import_datesreads dates from a csv file
load_watermaskLoad the watermask
mypctmaemean absolute error as percent of mean obs
pickAlphaselect alpha for glmnet by crossvalidation
rootmseroot mean squared error
setup_modeldatasetup modeldata based on fsca or rcn as predictor
unscale_vecunscale vector
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