Man pages for hojsgaard/gRain
Graphical Independence Networks

compile-cptCompile conditional probability tables / cliques potentials.
cptableCreate conditional probability tables (CPTs)
cpt-updateUpdate components of Bayesian network
evidence-objectEvidence objects
extract-cptExtract conditional probabilities and clique potentials from...
findingSet, retrieve, and retract finding in Bayesian network.
grain-compileCompile a graphical independence network (a Bayesian network)
grain-eviSet evidence in grain objects
grain-evidenceSet evidence.
grain-genericsgRain generics
grain-mainGraphical Independence Network
grain-predictMake predictions from a probabilistic network
grain-propagatePropagate a graphical independence network (a Bayesian...
grain-simulateSimulate from an independence network
internal-gRainInternal functions for the gRain package
load-save-huginLoad and save Hugin net files
logicalConditional probability tables based on logical dependencies
mendelMendelian segregation
querygrainQuery a network
recentRecent additions to gRain
repeatPatternCreate repeated patterns in Bayesian networks
set-jevidenceSet joint evidence in grain objects
set-slotUpdate components of Bayesian network
update.CPTgrainUpdate a Bayesian network
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