Man pages for holmesjoli/validR
Data Validation Tools for R

check_for_columnCheck for column
is_inttests to see if X is an integer
setup_test_naSetup Test Na
setup_test_orphan_recSetup for tests for orphaned records
setup_test_rangeSetup Test Range
setup_test_uniqueSetup Test Unique
setup_test_valuesSetup Test Values
test_conditionalTest conditional
test.exclu_lowerTest Exclu lower
test.exclu_lower_exclu_upperTest exclu lower and exclu upper
test.exclu_lower_inclu_upperTest exclu lower and inclu upper
test.exclu_upperTest Exclu upper
test_failTest Fail
test.inclu_lowerTest inclu lower
test.inclu_lower_exclu_upperTest inclu lower and exclu upper
test.inclu_lower_inclu_upperTest inclu lower and inclu upper
test.inclu_upperTest Exclu upper
test.naTest NA values
test.orphan_recTests for orphaned records
test_param_integer_or_naTest param is integer or NA
test_param_integer_or_nullTest param is integer or NULL
test_param_logicalTest param is logical
test_param_logical_or_naTest param is logical or NA
test_param_logical_or_nullTest param is logical or NULL
test_param_numericTest param is numeric
test_param_numeric_or_naTest param is numeric or NA
test_param_numeric_or_nullTest param is numeric or NULL
test_params_both_na_or_notTest params are both na or both not na
test_params_both_not_nullTest two params are both not null
test_params_both_null_or_notTest params are both null or both not null
test_param_stringTest param is string
test_passTest Pass
test_summaryGet summary
test.uniqueTest uniqueness
test.valuesTest expected values
wrong_rowsGet Problems
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