Man pages for holub008/gdlm
Build linear models through gradient descent

coef.gdlmRetrieve the fitted parameters for a gdlm
compose_regularizationCompose an existing loss function with regularization
formula.gdlmRetrieve the formula from a gdlm object
gdlmFit a linear model using an arbitrary loss function
LAD_LOSSParameterize a quasi least absolute deviation loss function
LOGISTIC_LOSSParameterize a quasi logistic loss function
LS_LOSSParameterize a quasi least squares loss function
plot.gdlmPlot a gdlm object
predict.gdlmGenerate predictions from a gradient descent generated linear...
print.summary.gdlmPrint a gdlm summary
residuals.gdlmProduce residuals from a gradient descent generated linear...
summary.gdlmProduce a summary for a gradient descent generated linear...
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