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R Functions for Elementary Statistics

alcoholAlcohol at Georgetown College
attitudesAttitudes Experiment 2001
barchartGCEasy Barcharts
BinomNormBinomial Distributions With Normal Approximation
BinomSkewSkewness in the Binomial Family of Distributions
binomtestGCExact Procedures for a Single Proportion
cabreraMiguel Cabrera
ChisqSimSlowChi Square Resampler (One at a Time)
chisqtestGCChi-Square Test (GC version)
chugtimeTime to Chug
CIMeanConfidence Intervals (for one population mean)
CIPropConfidence Intervals (for one population proportion)
colPercColumn Percents
deathpenThe Death Penalty and Race
DtrellHistDynamic Trellising (Histogram)
DtrellScatDynamic Trellising (Scatterplot)
EmpRuleEmpirical Rule
EmpRuleGCGraphical Calculator for the Empirical Rule
expCountsExpected Cell Counts From Two-Way Tables
FakeSchoolAn Imaginary School
FindRegLineFind the Regression Line
fuelSpeed and Fuel Efficiency (British Ford Escort)
galtonGalton's Father-Son Data
gcfeelingFeelings About Georgetown College
gcstudentsGeorgetown College Students
gss02General Social Survey, 2002
gss08General Social Survey, 2008
gss2012General Social Survey, 2012
hair_and_actHair Color and ACT Score
handheightHeight and Handspan
hanford1Handford Weather Station, 1984-2010
hanford2Hanford Weather Station, 1945-2010
helpGCExtensive Help Via Vignettes
hendersonRicky Henderson's Career Stats
hofbattingHall of Fame Batters
hofpitchingHall of Fame Pitchers
imagpopAn Imaginary Population
iqsiblingsIQs of Siblings
knifeorgunblockKnife or Gun?
labelsLabels and Perception of Quality
ledgejumpCrowd Behavior at Ledge-Jumping Incidents
lmGCLinear Regression
m111surveyMAT 111 Survey
m111surveyfa12MAT 111 Survey, Fall 2012
m111surveyfa13MAT 111 Survey, Fall 2013
MeanSamplerRepeated Sampling for a Mean (Slow)
musicMusic and Reading Comprehension
napkinsNapkin Use
nonresponseNon-Response to Surveys
nosmokedayNicotine Withdrawal and Accidents
oldfaithfulOld Faithful
ostrichtempBody and Brasin Temperatures of Ostriches
OvarianOvarian Cancer Study
ParseFormulaParse formulas
pbinomGCGraphical Calculator for Binomial Curve Probabilities
pchisqGCGraphical Calculator for Chi-Square Probabilities
pennstate1Penn State #1
plot.GClmDiagnostic Plots for GC Linear Regression
plot.polyGCDiagnostic Plots for GC Polynomial Regression
pnormGCGraphical Calculator for Normal Curve Probabilities
Points2WatchA study of Influence
polyfitGCPolynomial Regression
popsampSampling From a Population
predict.GClmPrediction Function for GC Linear Regression
predict.polyGCPrediction Function for GC Polynomial Regression
print.GCbinomtestPrint Function for binomestGC
print.GCchisqtestPrint Function for chisqtestGC
print.GClmPrint Function for GC Linear Regression
print.gcp1testPrint Function for GC Proportion Test (One-Sample)
print.gcp2testPrint Function for GC Proportions Test (Two-Sample)
print.GCttestPrint Function for ttestGC
print.polyGCPrint Function for GC Polynomial Regression
PropSamplerRepeated Sampling for a Proportion (Slow)
proptestGCProportions Procedures
ptGCGraphical Calculator for t-Curve Probabilities
pushupsPushups by Football Players at Georgetown College
qnormGCGraphical Calculator for Normal Curve Percentiles
RandomExpRandomized Experimental Designs
RectShadeShade Rectangles for Discrete Distributions
RegEstimateEstimation of Regression Coefficients
rowPercRow Percents
saltmarshEffect of Soil Salinity on Plant Growth
SampDist2MeansDistribution of the Difference of Sample Means
SampDist2PropsDifference of Two Sample Proportions
SampDistMeanDistribution of the Sample Mean
satSAT Scores
sealsO2Weddell Seal Oxygen Consumptions
ShallowRegRegression Line Too Shallow?
simpleFindGet a variable from its name
simpleKeyRevReversed Simple Key Function Utility function for barchartGC.
SimpleRandomSimple Random Sample
SimpleRandom2Simple Random Sample (v2)
SlowGoodnessChi Square Resampler (One at a Time) for Goodness-of-Fit
SmallExpA Small Experiment
stumpsLarvae on Stumps
temperatureTemperature in U.S. Cities
tExploreExploration of the t-Distributions
themerpresLattice Theme or R Presentations
theme.rpresLattice Theme or R Presentations
tigerstats-packageR Functions for Elementary Statistics
tipsRestaurant Tips
tornadoTornado Damage
tSamplerIllustrating the t-statistic
Type12ErrorsType I and Type II Errors
ucdavis1UC Davis #1
UnderShadeShade Under Density Curves
VaryCorrelationVary Correlation
verlanderJustin Verlander
youthrisk03Youth Risk 2003
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