Man pages for hongqi0314/PRAuto.PMML
User defined functions to output a PMML file that is to be implemented in S1

dataDict_pmmlFunction to output 'DataDictionary' component in a PMML file
dummifyDummify categorical features
gen_bucketsSupervised discretization with 'smbinning'
gen_splinesB-spline basis generation
ind_xmlGenerate PMML elements that using 'NormDiscrete'
input_filterInteraction terms filter when preparing for a linear...
make_cascadeGenerate make cascade for loan collateral
make_correctCorrect vehicle make names
miss_indGenerate missing indicator
mmidGenerate make and model ID for loan collateral
modeReturn mode of a vector of values
model_correctCorrect vehicle model names
multiReg_pmmlFunction to output a PMML file that specify a linear...
norm_01Normalization on numerical features
normCon_pmmlFunction to generate PMML element that using 'NormContinuous'
normDis_pmmlFunction to generate PMML element that using 'NormDiscrete'
norm_xmlGenerate PMML elements that using 'NormContinuous'
pmtCalculate monthly payment
regTbl_xmlFunction to output 'RegressionTable' element in a PMML file
remove_attrRemove 'attr's from object
trans_pmmlReturn entire 'LocalTransformation' element in a PMML file
vehicle_regionGenerate vehicle region
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