Man pages for hongyuanjia/eplusr
A Toolkit for Using Whole Building Simulation Program 'EnergyPlus'

clean_wdClean working directory of a previous EnergyPlus simulation
download_weatherDownload EnergyPlus Weather File (EPW) and Design Day File...
eplus_jobCreate an EnergyPlus Simulation Job
EplusJobRun EnergyPlus Simulation and Collect Outputs
eplusr_optionGet and Set eplusr options
eplusr-packageeplusr: A Toolkit for Using EnergyPlus in R
eplus_sqlRead an Energy SQLite Output File
EplusSqlRetrieve Simulation Outputs Using EnergyPlus SQLite Output...
EpwRead, and modify an EnergyPlus Weather File (EPW)
IddParse, Query and Modify EnergyPlus Input Data Dictionary...
IddObjectEnergyPlus IDD object
IdfRead, modify, and run an EnergyPlus model
IdfObjectEnergyPlus IDF object
install_eplusDownload and Install EnergyPlus
ParametricJobCreate and Run Parametric Analysis, and Collect Results
param_jobCreate An EnergyPlus Parametric Simulation Job
read_epwRead and Parse EnergyPlus Weather File (EPW)
read_idfRead an EnergyPlus Input Data File (IDF)
run_modelRun simulations of EnergyPlus models.
use_eplusConfigure which version of EnergyPlus to use
use_iddUse a specific EnergyPlus Input Data Dictionary (IDD) file
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