Man pages for hongyuanjia/ggpsychro
A 'ggplot2' Extension for Making Pyschrometric Charts

demo_scaleDemonstrate scales functions with ggplot2 code
geom_gridDraw grid lines of constant psychrometric properties
geom_line_satDraw saturation line
geom_maskareaMask all area outside of saturation line
ggpsychroCreate a ggpsychro plot
ggpsychro-extensionsggpsychro extensions to ggplot2
ggpsychro-packageggpsychro: A 'ggplot2' Extension for Making Pyschrometric...
is.ggpsychroReports whether x is a ggplot object
labelLabel wet-bulb temperature
scaleTransformation object for psychrometric chart
statCalculate psychrometric properties of moist air
theme_psychroCustom theme for psychrometric chart.
transCreate transformation objects for psychrometric chart
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