Man pages for hosscine/myfs
Useful Functions Created by Myself

angleCalculates angle of 2-dimensional vectors.
databarPlot databars for matrix visualization
debugTextPrints variables or expressions for debug.
dir.create.deepChecks and creates a unknown directory when it is not exist.
euclideanCalculates euclidean distance of vectors.
eval_timerMeasure the elapsed time of 'eval' and returns the result.
grapes-.-grapesmagrittr operator with giving nothing to first argment
grapes-T.-grapesmagrittr tee operator with giving nothing to first argment
image2Improved 'image' function for matrix visualization
is.probAsserts 'x' whether probabic number or not.
is.rangeAsserts 'x' whether numeric range or not.
is.todayDirectoryChecks if current directory is today directory or not.
keywaitWaits until enter key is pressd.
matlistConverts lists or vectors that nested by list to matrix.
max2ndCalculate second highest value in vector.
memory_summarySummarize object size in environment.
min2ndCalculate second lowest value in vector.
order2'order' function regards a duplication value as the same...
order.colOrders matrix in each rows.
overwriteEllipsisOverwrite some fixed arguments to the arguments '...' given...
padding.matrixPadding (expanding rows and cols) for 'matrix'.
passignassign function for pipe stream
plotLinesPlot matlix as a set of lines
preparePrintifyPrepare the process that enables to print out your R-notebook...
print.noattrPrint variable without inconsiderable attributes.
quadratureIntegrates discrete vector by quadrature.
rank.matrixCalculates rank of each elements of matrix.
replaceNAReplaces NA from matrix with maintaining the dimension.
resetMfrowReset the graphics parameter mfrow as defalt.
rowMinusCalculates 'X - a' with row first.
rowNormCalculates norm for each row of 'X'.
rowTimesCalculates 'X \* a' with row first.
runifNGenerates random natural numbers.
savedDirRetruns or Sets default save directory.
saveEnvironmentSave global environment.
saveggpngSave plot generated by ggplot2.
savepngSaves plot to today directory.
savepngTitleSaves plot with adding title on the figure.
setMarginChanges margins for plot
setMarginZeroChanges margins to zeros
setwdProjectSets current directory to project directory.
softwriteEllipsisOverwrite some desirable arguments to '...' softly.
sort_colSorts matrix in each rows.
subwdCreates sub directory for saving a number of images.
todaywdSets working directory to today directory.
vnormCalculates norm of 'x'.
which.max.indSearches index of maximum element from matrix.
which.min.indSearches index of minimum element from matrix.
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