Man pages for hotneim/lg
Locally Gaussian Distributions: Estimation and Methods

bw_selectBandwidth selection for local Gaussian correlation.
bw_select_cv_bivariateCross-validation for bivariate distributions
bw_select_cv_univariateCross-validation for univariate distributions
bw_select_plugin_multivariatePlugin bandwidth selection for multivariate data
bw_select_plugin_univariatePlugin bandwidth selection for univariate data
check_bw_bivariateCheck bandwidth vector
check_bw_methodCheck bw method
check_dataCheck the data and grid
check_dmvnorm_argumentsCheck the arguments for the 'dmvnorm_wrapper' function
check_est_methodCheck estimation method
check_lgCheck that an object has class "lg"
clgThe locally Gaussian conditional density estimator
corplotPlot unconditional local correlation maps
dlgThe locally Gaussian density estimator (LGDE)
dlg_bivariateBivariate density estimation
dlg_marginalMarginal density estimation
dlg_marginal_wrapperMarginal estimates for multivariate data
dmvnorm_wrapperWrapper for 'dmvnorm'
dmvnorm_wrapper_singleWrapper for 'dmvnorm' - single point
lg'lg': A package for calculating the local Gaussian...
lg_mainCreate an 'lg' object
mvnorm_evalEvaluate the multivariate normal
trans_normalTransform the marginals of a multivariate data set to...
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