Man pages for hoxo-m/githubinstall
A Helpful Way to Install R Packages Hosted on GitHub

gh_install_packagesInstall Packages from GitHub
gh_list_packagesGet Information of Packages on GitHub
gh_search_packagesSearch Packages from Titles by Regular Expressions
gh_show_sourceFind source code for functions in packages on GitHub
gh_suggestSuggest Github Repository from a Incomplete Name
gh_suggest_usernameSuggest Github Username from a Faint Memory
gh_update_package_listUpdate the List of Packages on GitHub.
recommend_dependenciesThe default "dependencies" is NA that means c("Depends",...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_conflict_reposWe want to detect the two conflict cases as fllows: 1. The...
select_repositorySuggest candidates from "package_name" and make user selected...
separate_into_package_and_referenceThe "repo" argument allows to contain "ref" as...
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