Man pages for hrbrmstr/hrbrmisc
Personal 'R' Package of 'hrbrmstr'

as_dateShortcut to avoid specifying origin
bro_conn_statesBro conn-log connection state values and descriptions
count_pctShortcut for adding percentages to 'dplyr::count' summaries
gbarplotQuick way to replace the handy 'barplot'
get_dotgovGet '.gov' domains
get_public_dns_serversGet public DNS servers list
has_bomTests whether a raw httr response or character vector has a...
has_envDoes the environment variable exist?
hhs_breachesRetrieve current public list of U.S. Health & Human Services...
highlight_stylesList available styles
host_upIs a host listening on a port (TCP)?
hrbrmiscPersonal R pkg
hrbrmisc-exportshrbrmisc exported operators
is_empty_stringIs a string equivalent to '""'
is_zero_lengthIs length 0
json_tree_viewJSON & R list (virtually any object, really) tree viewer
jsontreeviewOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
json_viewJSON & R list (virtually any object, really) viewer
jsonviewOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
last_elget last element
make_numericClean up a character vector to make it numeric
make_percentClean up a character vector to make it a percent
match_shortcutsShortcuts for 'fmatch' and 'match' operations
mcgaMake column names great again
null-or-zeroIs an object 'NULL' or length zero
null-or-zero-or-naIs an object 'NULL' or length zero or 'NA'
qp_decodeDecode a quoted printable string
quick_mapPlot a fortified map using coord_quickmap
renderJsontreeviewWidget render function for use in Shiny
renderJsonviewWidget render function for use in Shiny
sans_bomRemove byte order mark (BOM) from 'httr::response' object or...
sGET"Safe" versions of 'httr' functions
spectreSetup connection to my local phantomjs webdriver
theme_hrbrmstrMy ggplot2 go-to theme
theme_hrbrmstr_anArial Narrow theme
theme_hrbrmstr_arArial Narrow theme
theme_hrbrmstr_cabinCabin theme
theme_hrbrmstr_exExo 2 theme
theme_hrbrmstr_hindHind theme
theme_hrbrmstr_kerkisKerkis theme
theme_hrbrmstr_mplusM+ font theme
theme_hrbrmstr_msMuseo Sans theme
theme_hrbrmstr_mscMuseo Sans Condensed theme
theme_hrbrmstr_msrMuseo Sans Rounded
theme_hrbrmstr_myMyriad Pro theme
theme_hrbrmstr_noyaNoya theme
theme_hrbrmstr_osOpen Sans Condensed theme
theme_hrbrmstr_qcQuattrocento theme
theme_hrbrmstr_sfSan Francisco theme
theme_hrbrmstr_skSkia theme
theme_hrbrmstr_tungstenTungsten theme
title_leftCompletely flush-left-align ggplot2 title
vgrepShorthand helpers for base 'grep' and 'grepl'
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