Man pages for hrbrmstr/infermedica
Interface to the Infermedica API

im_add_evidenceAdd evidence to a diagnosis request object
im_add_patient_infoAdd patient info to a diagnosis request object
im_get_conditionRetrieve info for a specific symptom
im_get_diagnosisSend built diagnosis request to Infermedica API
im_get_risk_factorsRetrieve info for a specific lab test
im_get_symptomRetrieve info for a specific symptom
im_infoRetrieve Infermedica API info
im_list_conditionsRetrieve list of conditions from Infermedica API
im_list_lab_testsRetrieve list of lab tests from Infermedica API
im_list_risk_factorsRetrieve list of risk factors from Infermedica API
im_list_symptomsRetrieve list of symptoms from Infermedica API
im_lookupReturns a single observation matching given phrase from...
im_searchReturns list of observations matching the given phrase from...
im_start_diagnosisStart building a diagnosis request object for the Infermedica...
infermedicaInterface to the Infermedica API
infermedica-exportsinfermedica exported operators
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