drill_custom_functions: Drill expressions / custom functions 'dplyr' translations

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One benefit of dplyr is that it provide a nice DSL over datasbase ops but that means there needs to be knowlege of functions supported by the host database and then a translation layer so they can be used in R.


Similarly, there are functions like grepl() in R that don't directly exist in databases. Yet, one can create a translation for grepl() that maps to a Drill custom function so you don't have to think differently or rewrite your pipes when switching from core tidyverse ops and database ops.

Many functions translate on their own, but it's handy to provide explicit ones, especially when you want to use parameters in a different order.

If you want a particular custom function mapped, file a PR or issue request in the link found in the DESCRIPTION file.

You can get a compact list of these with:


as well.

See Also

Other Drill REST 'dplyr' API: src_drill, src_tbls.src_drill

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