Man pages for hrbrmstr/streamgraph
streamgraph is an htmlwidget for building streamgraph visualizations

renderStreamgraphWidget render function for use in Shiny
sg_add_markerAdd a vertical marker (with optional label) to streamgraph
sg_annotateAdd text annotation to streamgraph
sg_axis_xModify streamgraph x axis formatting
sg_axis_yModify streamgraph y axis formatting
sg_colorsModify streamgraph colors
sg_fill_brewerUse ColorBrewer palettes for streamgraph fill colors
sg_fill_manualUse manual colors for streamgraph fill colors
sg_fill_tableauUse Tableau discrete palettes for streamgraph fill colors
sg_legendModify streamgraph legend properties
sg_titleAdd a title to the streamgraph
streamgraphCreate a new streamgraph
streamgraph-exportsstreamgraph exported operators
streamgraphOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
streamgraph-packageA package to make streamgraphs
widgetThumbnailMake a thumbnail for an htmlwidget panel
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