Man pages for hrbrmstr/taucharts
Create Interactive Charts with the JavaScript 'TauCharts' Library

as_tauchartTurn a simple (single-geom) ggplot plot into an tauchart...
cars_dataAutomobile statistics from 1997-2013
run_tau_appRun a built-in example Shiny app
tau_add_css_ruleAdd a CSS rule to the rendered htmlwidget
tau_annotationsAdd a TauCharts annotations plugin
tau_areaCreate a TauCharts area chart
tau_barCreate a TauCharts bar chart (horizontal or vertical)
tau_boxplotCreate a TauCharts box plot (horizontal or vertical)
tauchartCreate a new TauChart
tauchartsAn 'htmlwidget' interface to the TauCharts D3 chart library
taucharts-exportstaucharts exported operators
taucharts-shinyShiny bindings for taucharts
tau_color_538Use the "" palette used in the charts
tau_color_brewerUse the ColorBrewer palette in the charts
tau_color_economistUse the "Economist" palette used in the charts
tau_color_fewUse the "Few" palette used in the charts
tau_color_highchartsUse the HighchartsJS palette used in the charts
tau_color_manualSpecify the colors used in the charts
tau_color_tableauUse the Tableau palette in the charts
tau_color_wsjUse the "Wall Street Journal" palette used in the charts
tau_export_pluginAdd a TauCharts export plugin
tau_guide_gridlinesControl showing of axis gridlines
tau_guide_paddingSet overall chart padding
tau_guide_xControl x-axis padding, label, scale & tick format
tau_guide_yControl y-axis padding, label, scale & tick format
tau_legendAdd a TauCharts legend
tau_lineCreate a TauCharts line chart
tau_pointCreate a TauCharts scatterplot
tau_quick_filterAdd a TauCharts quick filter plugin
tau_set_fontSet the font family for the TauCharts chart
tau_stacked_barCreate a TauCharts stacked bar chart (experimental)
tau_tasksAdd post-render JavaScript tasks to taucharts
tau_titleAdd a title to the tauchart plot
tau_tooltipAdd a TauCharts tooltip
tau_trendlineAdd a TauCharts trendline
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