Man pages for hrbrmstr/wayback
Tools to Work with Internet Archive Wayback Machine APIs

archive_availableDoes the Internet Archive have a URL cached?
cdx_basic_queryPerform a basic/limited Internet Archive CDX resource query...
get_mementosRetrieve site mementos from the Internet Archive
get_timemapRetrieve a timemap for a URL
ia_fieldsReturn a character vector of available return fields for...
ia_retrieveRetrieve directory listings for Internet Archive objects by...
ia_scrapeInternet Archive Scraping API Access
ia_scrape_has_more'ia_scrape()' Pagination Helpers
is_mementoVarious helper tests for memento 'rel' values
print.ia_scrapePrint method for 'ia_scrape' objects
read_mementoRead a resource directly from the Time Travel MementoWeb
waybackTools to Work with Internet Archive Wayback Machine APIs
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