Man pages for hsavoy/anchoredDistr
Post-Processing for the Method of Anchored Distributions

anchoredDistranchoredDistr: A package for post-processing of the Method of...
calcLikelihoodCalculate the likelihood for the samples in a MADproject...
calcPosteriorCalculate the posterior for a 'MADproject' object.
MADproject-classAn S4 class to represent a MAD project
plotMADPlot the data contained in MADproject object slots.
print.MADprojectPrint the data contained in MADproject object slots.
pumpinganchoredDistr example data
readMADRead the SQLite databases from MAD# into the MADproject...
reduceDataApply the requested dimension reduction technique to the...
testConvergenceTest (visually) the convergence of a MADproject object.
tutorialanchoredDistr example data
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