Man pages for hstojic/hfunk
Useful R functions

changeClassChange classes of multiple variables/columns in a data frame...
equalTesting whether all elements in a vector are equal.
freqComputing frequencies of elements in a vector.
grapes-nin-grapesA shortcut for negation of the %in% operator.
idxMaxGet the position of a max element, resolving the ties in a...
is.triVerify whether a matrix is a triangular matrix.
lsosA nicely formatted listing of objects in the R working...
modComputes a mod statistic.
repmatReplicate matrices.
repvecA function that replicates a whole vector.
rescaleRescaling a numerical vector.
rmatSimple matrix wrapper for gnerating random numbers.
sqrtmatComputes square root of a matrix.
strevalA shortcut for evaluating an expression in a string format.
tlagCreates a lagged variable of a vector.
vecSumAdding two vectors with special treatment of NA's.
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