Man pages for hughjonesd/betr
betr: Behavioral Experiments Toolkit in R

add_stageAdd one or more stages to an experiment
all_ofFunctions which return functions that can check a form input...
b_brewUse 'brew' within a stage.
b_knitUse 'knitr' within a stage.
checkpointMake subjects wait for other subjects.
clclientStarts a client to connect to the command line server
experimentCreate an experiment.
experiment_data_frameCreate an appropriate data frame for an experiment
form_stagePrint out a form and store the subject's inputs in a data...
haltHalt the experiment, stopping the server
headerSimple HTML header and footer
identify_seatsStarts a web server to allow you to identify computer seat...
infoShow basic info about an experiment
load_commandsSet up simple one-word commands
merge_subjectsMerge a data frame with information about experiment subjects
next_stageMove some clients forward one stage
pausePause the experiment.
periodBegin a new period, optionally waiting for other subjects
programRun a function, either once or for each subject
readySet the experiment up to receive participants.
replayReplay part or all of an experiment
restartRestart the experiment after pausing
stageCreate a stage for an experiment
start.experimentStart the experiment running.
text_stageCreate a stage which does nothing but display HTML to the...
timedAdd a timeout to a stage
trace_stageTrace one or more experiment stages
web_testOpen multiple browser windows to test an experiment
write_dataWrite data to "session_name.csv"
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