Man pages for humburg/reportmd
Scientific reports with RMarkdown

add_downloadRegister a new download
copy_dependenciesCopy dependencies to working directory
create_downloadCreate a file for download
DependencyCreate objects of class 'Dependency'
dependson_opts_hookDependency processing
DownloadCreate objects of class 'Download'
download_linkCreate download link
eval_yamlEvaluate R code in YAML fields
extract_yamlProcessing YAML metadata
figRefFigure and Table cross-references
figure-hooksSpecial processing for figure and table chunks
figureOptionsManage chunk options for different figure formats
html_titleExtract title from an HTML document
interactiveFigSet figure related chunk options for interactive figures
load_dependenciesLoad results from child documents
make_ref_linksConvert links in a table column to reference links
merge_listMerge two named lists
multi_documentWriting Complex Scientific Reports in R
null-orReplace null values with default
params2depsExtract dependency information from YAML header
plotMDCreate plots for inclusion in RMarkdown reports
printFigSet figure related chunk options for print figures
printMDPretty printing of R objects for Markdown output
screenFigSet figure related chunk options for static figures
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