Man pages for hunzikp/velox
Fast Raster Manipulation and Extraction

bg_intersects.genericTest whether two BoostObjects intersect
boostCast a sfc object as a BoostObject
BoostBoxGrid-classAn S4 class for storing Boost box grids in C++
BoostFactoryRcpp pointer to BoostFactory
BoostGeometries-classAn S4 virtual class for storing Boost geometry collections in...
BoostGrid-classAn S4 virtual class for storing Boost grids in C++
BoostMultiLines-classAn S4 class for storing Boost multiline collections in C++
BoostMultiPoints-classAn S4 class for storing Boost multipoint collections in C++
BoostMultiPolygons-classAn S4 class for storing Boost multipolygon collections in C++
BoostObject-classA S4 class for storing Boost objects in C++
BoostPointGrid-classAn S4 class for storing Boost point grids in C++
BoxGridRcpp pointer to BoxGrid
length.BoostGeometriesBoostGeometries Length
MultiLineCollectionRcpp pointer to MultiLineCollection
MultiPointCollectionRcpp pointer to MultiPointCollection
MultiPolygonCollectionRcpp pointer to MultiPolygonCollection
plot.BoostGeometriesPlot BoostGeometries
PointGridRcpp pointer to PointGrid
subset.BoostGeometriesSubset a BoostGeometries object
unboostCast a BoostGeometries object as a sfc object
veloxCreate a VeloxRaster object
VeloxRaster_as.matrixCast a VeloxRaster band as a matrix
VeloxRaster_as.RasterBrickCast a VeloxRaster as a RasterBrick object
VeloxRaster_as.RasterLayerCast a VeloxRaster band as a RasterLayer object
VeloxRaster_as.RasterStackCast a VeloxRaster as a RasterStack object
VeloxRaster-classA Reference Class for velox rasters
VeloxRaster_cropCrop a VeloxRaster object
VeloxRaster_dropDelete a raster band from a VeloxRaster
VeloxRaster_extractExtract Values Given Polygons
VeloxRaster_extract_pointsExtract Values Given Points
VeloxRaster_getCoordinatesGet coordinates
VeloxRaster_get_data_typeGet data type of a VeloxRaster
VeloxRaster_meanFocalMean focal
VeloxRaster_medianFocalMedian focal
VeloxRaster_rasterizeRasterize Polygons or Lines
VeloxRaster_sumFocalSum focal
VeloxRaster_writeWrite a VeloxRaster to disk as a GeoTiff file
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