Man pages for husson/Factoshiny
Perform Factorial Analysis from 'FactoMineR' with a Shiny Application

CAshinyCorrespondance Analysis (CA) with Factoshiny
catdesshinyCategories description
condesshinyContinuous variable description
Factoshiny-packagePerform classical factorial analysis from FactoMineR within a...
FAMDshinyFactor Analysis for Mixed Data with Factoshiny
HCPCshinyHierarchical Clustering on Principal Components (HCPC) with...
MCAshinyMultiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) with Factoshiny
MFAshinyMultiple Factor Analysis (MFA) with Factoshiny
PCAshinyPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA) with FactoShiny
print.CAshinyPrint the CAshiny results
print.FAMDshinyPrint the FAMDshiny results
print.HCPCshinyPrint the HCPCshiny results
print.MCAshinyPrint the MCAshiny results
print.MFAshinyPrint the MFAshiny results
print.PCAshinyPrint the PCAshiny results
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