Man pages for hvillalo/echogram
Echogram Visualisation and Analysis

add.echogramAdd two echograms
bottom.hacRead detected bottom range from an HAC file
echogramEchogram visualisation
echo.noiseSample echogram data (120 kHz)
join.echogramMerge echograms
mask.echogramMask an echogram
match.echogramMatch ping times from two echograms
mergeSvmatMerge inequal Sv data matrices
navigation.hacCompute bearing, navigated distance and speed
noise.echogramModelling ambient noise in echograms
palette.echogramDesign color palettes for echograms
position.hacRead geographic position data from an HAC file
read.echogramRead echogram data from an HAC file
sample.echogramSelect and sample data values from an echogram
trim.echogramTrim an echogram vertically or horizontally
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