Man pages for hxfan1227/efdcr
Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) Toolbox in R

check_dim_Check if all the inputs are same in dimensions
col_format_water_levelTidy one column of water level data (Just for batch...
dt_to_wqConvert csv data files into wq formats
format_rfggridFormat Delft3D RFGGRID (.grd) file.
geom_velocityGeom for plotting velocity vectors.
GeomVelocityGeom Velocity
get_efdc_nc_dtExport grid information to a 'data.table' from the '.nc' file...
nseCalculate the Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency (NSE)
plot_efdc_tsGenerate calibration plots for EFDC exported data.
poly_areaCalculate the area of the polygon with the given vextices
shp_to_ldbConvert ESRI shapefile into text format.
theme_efdcThe theme of the model plot
tidy_water_levelTidy the observed water level data
tidy_water_level2Tidy the water level data
write_ldbFunction for write .ldb files.
write_wqWrite .wq files
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