Man pages for hydro-giub/hydroBE
Miscellaneous Functions of the Group of Hydrology Bern

applySnhtConduct the standard normal homogeneity test
declusterExtremesDecluster maxima in a time series
drawColorBarDraw a color bar into the right plot margin
estimateBaseflowEstimate baseflow
estimateSnowFractionEstimate snow fraction
fetchBafuTableGrab daily streamflow series out of BAFU pdf tables
getApiCalculate the antecedent precipitation index
getCrpsCalculate the continuous ranked probability score
getRatingPointsCalculate discharge according to the Strickler formula
getReturnLevelsCalculate the return levels from a fitted GEV model
getRunSumGet running sum
hydroBE-packageMiscellaneous Functions of the Group of Hydrology Bern
plot2dProbabilityPlot contours of constant probability of bivariate...
plotHypsographPlot hypsography against area
prewhitenSeriesPrewhiten a time series
readDailySeriesRead daily time series from various hydrometeorological data...
readFilesAwaRead files from the AWA
readFilesBafuRead files from the BAFU
testBreakpointTest a time series for a breakpoint in the mean with...
testLinearTrendTest a time series for a linear trend with a permutation test
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