Man pages for hyenaproject/vullioud_2018
Analysis of Dominance in Spotted Hyena

buildcorrsignedCreate the correlation matrix (used internally)
create_DF_sexCreate dataset sex
create_DF_socialCreate dataset social support
create_DF_weightCreate dataset body mass
d1base data frame
data_diff_sexdifferent sex data
data_residdata resid
data_same_sexsame sex data
diff_sex_sexdifferent sex sex
diff_sex_socialdifferent sex social
diff_sex_weightdifferent sex weight
females_relatPLOT: females relat
fit_body_massFit body mass models
fit_residFit the residency model
fit_sexFit the models when the female is focal
fit_socialFit social support models
flip_DF_sexFlip sex (used internally)
flip_DF_socialFlip social support (to be used internally)
flip_DF_weightFlip body mass (used internally)
get_logLiklog likelihood
get_TJURTjur D
migrants_relatPLOT: migrants relat
mod_mass_null_diff_PQLMODEL: mod_mass_null_diff_PQL
mod_mass_null_same_PQLMODEL: mod_mass_null_same_PQL
mod_sex_null_diff_PQLMODEL: mod_sex_null_diff_PQL
mod_social_null_diff_PQLMODEL: mod_social_null_diff_PQL
mod_social_null_same_PQLMODEL: mod_social_null_diff_PQL Model when the individual...
natives_relatPLOT: natives relat
plot2Second plot
plot_intra_interPlot prediction for mass and social panels (used internally)
plot_relat_insidePlot relat panel (used internally)
plot_sexPlot1 sex panel (used internally)
prepare_different_sexPrepare the data for the interactions between different sexes
prepare_residPrepare the data for the residency model (SI)
prepare_same_sexPrepare the data for the same sex interactions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
resid_socialresid social
same_sex_socialsame sex social
same_sex_weightsame sex weight
vullioud2018Social support drives female dominance in the spotted hyena.
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