Man pages for hypertidy/discrete

axesCollection of axes.
axis_transformAbstract axis transform.
d_axisAbstract axis
dummy_discretea default discretization for testing, called by 'dc_discrete'
edge_coordthe coordinates of the edges of cells
gdal_sourcethe index extent of a local geom () to a real extent of 'obj'...
pair_fourthe modulo "n-column" index required for the local 4-cornes...
pair_segsa segment head/tail expander
populate_rasterworker to build an empty list of NULLs, except optionally for...
print.d_axisname print
quad_meshbuild quad mesh from first two axes
tile_gonfast creation of simple features tiles from abstract axis...
tile_heuristictile guess based on overall dimension
transform66 figure transform to discrete axes
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