Man pages for iNZightVIT/iNZightTools
Tools for iNZight

aggregateDataAggregate data by categorical variables
changeColumnTypesChanges the datatype of columns of dataframe to the specified...
changeToDatatypeChanges the datatype of a column of a dataframe to the...
codeGet Data's Code
collapseLevelsCollapse data by values of a categorical variable
combineCatVarsCombine categorical variables into one
combine.levelsCombine the levels of factor variables.
convertSpssDetailsConverts the data type of columns specified from numeric to...
convertToCatConvert numeric variables to categorical
convertToMetadataTakes an object (list or a dataframe) and returns its...
countMissinghelper function for counting the missing values - used for...
createNewVarCreate new variables
deleteVarsDelete variables
extractFromFrameExtracts more information from the dataframe (obj).
filterLevelsFilter data by levels of a categorical variables
filterNumericFilter data by levels of a numeric variables
filterRandomRandom sampling without replacement
filterRowsFilter data by row numbers
fitDesignFit Survey Design
fitModelFit a Model
get.form.class.intervalForm class intervals from a column specified by column name...
iNZexportiNZight Metadata Writer
iNZightToolsTools for data processing with iNZight
iNZreadiNZight Import Data
isColumnTypesCorrectChecks if the entered column types are allowed or not.
isMetadataAvailableReads a file and checks if metadata is available.
isPreviewChecks if the complete file was read or not.
makeDatatypeCharConverts the column datatypes to a single word or string...
makeLocaleCreates a locale that cane be used with functions from readr...
missingToCatConvert missing values to categorical variables
newdeviceOpen a New Graphics Device
pipePipe operator
rankVarsRank the data of a numeric variables
readMetadataiNZight Metadata Reader
renameLevelsRename the levels of a categorical variable
renameVarsRename column names
reorderLevelsReorder a categorical
sample.dataTakes a sample of rows from a data.frame
search.nameSearches a list recursivly for a name and returns the value...
sortVarsSort data by variables
stackVarsStack variables
standardizeVarsStandardize the data of a numeric variable
stringConcatenationstr_c operator
transformVarTransform data of a numeric variable
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