Man pages for iNZightVIT/iNZightTools
Tools for iNZight

aggregateDataAggregate data by categorical variables
codeGet Data's Code
collapseLevelsCollapse data by values of a categorical variable
combineCatVarsCombine categorical variables into one
combine.levelsCombine the levels of factor variables.
convertToCatConvert numeric variables to categorical
convertToMetadataTakes an object (list or a dataframe) and returns its...
countMissinghelper function for counting the missing values - used for...
createNewVarCreate new variables
deleteVarsDelete variables
extractFromFrameExtracts more information from the dataframe (obj).
filterLevelsFilter data by levels of a categorical variables
filterNumericFilter data by levels of a numeric variables
filterRandomRandom sampling without replacement
filterRowsFilter data by row numbers
fitDesignFit Survey Design
fitModelFit a Model
get.form.class.intervalForm class intervals from a column specified by column name...
iNZexportiNZight Metadata Writer
iNZightToolsTools for data processing with iNZight
isMetadataAvailableReads a file and checks if metadata is available.
is_previewIs Preview
makeDatatypeCharConverts the column datatypes to a single word or string...
missingToCatConvert missing values to categorical variables
newdeviceOpen a New Graphics Device
pipePipe operator
rankVarsRank the data of a numeric variables
read_metaRead CSV with iNZight metadata
readMetadataiNZight Metadata Reader
renameLevelsRename the levels of a categorical variable
renameVarsRename column names
reorderLevelsReorder a categorical
sample.dataTakes a sample of rows from a data.frame
search.nameSearches a list recursivly for a name and returns the value...
smart_readiNZight Smart Read
sortVarsSort data by variables
stackVarsStack variables
standardizeVarsStandardize the data of a numeric variable
stringConcatenationstr_c operator
transformVarTransform data of a numeric variable
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