Man pages for iamamutt/mejr
General Purpose R Functions

abs_pathMake absolute path from file/dir path parts
age_calcAge calculater (months)
alpha_overrideOverride transparency in legend
argval2charConvert input arg values to character vector
auto_loadAuto load and install a list of package names
beta_momentsBeta distribution moments
chol2covCholesky correlation matrix and standard deviations to...
class_overrideOverride column classes
clear_wsClear workspace
clip_rangeSnap a value to either the min or max if outside some range
color_1010 discrete colors from python's matplotlib
color_overrideChange default colors
combine_plotsCombine multiple ggplots into one plot
dots2listConvert dots to list
dprimeCalculate d'
dtbl2listSplit a data.table into separate lists by group
empty_strCheck if a character string/vec is empty
ex_plotMake a plot example from mejr theme
font_initial_setupCreate font database and/or load fonts
formula2charConvert formula to character
gamma_statsgamma distribution stats
get_colorsGet colors from Brewer pallette
getcrfGet current R file path
heat_colorsA set of perceptually uniform heat map colors from python's...
kwargs_keysGet the named argument names from dots
lextractExtract items from deep within a named list
list2excelWrite a list of data frames to an Excel file
list_fileslist.files wrapper
logaddexpLog add exponentials
logisticLogistic function
logitLogit function
logmeanLog mean
log_sum_expLog sum of exponentials
luminanceGet perceptual luminance estimate from RGB values
mejrmejr: Package
multi_mergeMultiple data merge
nlistCreate a list from object names
normalizeNormalize a vector of values
onion_cholCompute covariance matrix using onion method
os_nameGet OS abbreviation name
pairwiseAll pairwise combinations
print_secPrints a section title to console
pval_formatstring format p-value cutoffs
rcovGenerate a random covariance matrix
require_pkgCheck if package is installed quietly. Load namespace.
reverse_scaleReverse of scale
save_plotCustom plotting function to save PDF and PNG files
scramble_covmatScramble a covariance matrix
sd2Custom standard deviation
sigmoidSigmoid function
source_dirSource R files from a directory recursively
splitMarkdownChunkSplit an Rmarkdown chunk into two at cursor
stack_csvConcatenate multiple csv files
students_tUnivariate Student's-t density function
symbol2charConvert symbol/equation to character
ts2frameConvert timestamps to frame numbers
unload_pkgUnload package(s)
view_dataView a data object with ggvis
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