Man pages for iamamutt/rbaes
R Bayesian Analysis and Estimation Stuff

cohens_dEffect size using Hedges' _g_
contrast_dataget data for contrasts
dtbl2listSplit a data.table into separate lists by group
example_stanExample stan model and data
example_stanregStan example model
loo_tabletable of LOO comparisons
merge_data_and_posteriorMerge posterior predictions with data
nlistCreate a list from object names
n_mcmc_samplesNumber of MCMC samples from model
one_sample_mvt_makeOne sample multivariate-t
pairwiseAll pairwise combinations
pairwise_contrastsposterior predictive contrasts for all pairwise comparisons...
pooled_sdHedges G
pp_contrastPosterior predictive contrast
print_rstanarmAlternative rstanarm print
pval_formatstring format p-value cutoffs
rbaes-packageR Bayesian Analysis and Estimation Stuff
rev_unit_scaleReverse unit scaling
stan_cholStan formatted Cholesky factored cov/cor matrix
stanreg_dtblGet model data from stanreg
unit_scaleScale a numeric vector
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