Man pages for ianfiske/unmarked
Models for Data from Unmarked Animals

backTransform-methodsMethods for Function backTransform in Package 'unmarked'
birdsBBS Point Count and Occurrence Data from 2 Bird Species
coef-methodsMethods for Function coef in Package 'unmarked'
colextFit the colonization-extinction model.
confint-methodsMethods for Function confint in Package 'unmarked'
csvToUMFConvert .CSV File to an unmarkedFrame
detFunsDistance-sampling detection functions and associated density...
distsampFit the hierarchical distance sampling model of Royle et al....
extract-methodsMethods for bracket extraction [ in Package 'unmarked'
fitListconstructor of unmarkedFitList objects
fitted-methodsMethods for Function fitted in Package 'unmarked'
formatDistDataConvert individual-level distance data to the transect-level...
formatMultCreate unmarkedMultFrame from Long Format Data Frame
formatWideLongConvert between wide and long data formats.
frogs2001 Delaware North American Amphibian Monitoring Program...
getP-methodsMethods for Function getP in Package 'unmarked'
gfGreen frog count index data
imputeMissingA function to impute missing entries in continuous obsCovs
lambda2psiConvert Poisson mean (lambda) to probability of occurrence...
linearComb-methodsMethods for Function linearComb in Package 'unmarked'
linetranSimulated line transect data
mallardMallard count data
masspcruMassachusetts North American Amphibian Monitoring Program...
modSelModel selection results from an unmarkedFitList
multinomPoisMultinomial-Poisson Mixtures
nonparboot-methodsNonparametric bootstrapping in unmarked
occuFit the MacKenzie Occupancy Model
occuRNFit the Occupancy model of Royle and Nichols...
ovendataRemoval data for the Ovenbird
parbootParametric bootstrap method for fitted models inheriting...
pcountFit the N-mixture point count model...
piFunsCompute multinomial cell probabilities
pointtranSimulated point-transect data
SE-methodsMethods for Function SE in Package 'unmarked'
sight2perpdistConvert sight distance and sight angle to perpendicular...
simulate-methodsMethods for Function simulate in Package 'unmarked'
SSECompute Sum of Squared Residuals for a Model Fit.
unmarkedEstimate-classClass "unmarkedEstimate"
unmarkedEstimateList-classClass "unmarkedEstimateList"
unmarkedFit-classClass "unmarkedFit"
unmarkedFitList-classClass "unmarkedFitList"
unmarkedFrameCreate an unmarkedFrame, or one of its child classes.
unmarkedFrame-classClass "unmarkedFrame"
unmarkedMultFrameCreate an unmarkedMultFrame.
unmarked-packageModels for Data from Unmarked Animals
vcov-methodsMethods for Function vcov in Package 'unmarked'
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