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Tidy Epidemiology in R

epi_2by2Wrap data from a dataframe and send to epiR::epi.2by2 (or...
epi_binomBinomial estimates from dataframe column
epi_incEstimate incidence rate
epi_predvalGenerate ppv and npv from test evaluation and prevalence...
epi_tableUtility function to convert df and columns to matrix for epiR...
epi_testsWrap data from a dataframe and send to epiR::epi.tests
plot.epi_predvalDefault plotting of a epi_predval object
plot.epi.testsPlot the output from epiR::epi.tests
TF_to_posnegUtility function to convert TRUE/FALSE to positive/negative
tidyTidy the result of a test into a summary data.frame
tidy.epi.2by2Tidy epi.2by2 output to give data.frame of estimates and CI
tidy.epi.testsTidy the output from epiR::epi.tests into a tibble
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