Man pages for ibarraespinosa/eixport
Export Emissions to Atmospheric Models

eixporteixport: a package for exporting emissions
emiscoEmissions from VEIN demo
emis_optList of WRF emission species
gCOGridded emissions from VEIN demo
LightsSpatial distribution example
rawprofileRaw profile
to_as4wrfGenerates emissions dataframe to generate WRF-Chem inputs
to_brams_spmInputs for BRAMS-SPM
to_munichExport emissions to Model of Urban Network of Intersecting...
to_rlineExport emissions to other formats
to_wrfCombine total/spatial/temporal/split and write emission to...
wrf_addFunction to add values for variables on emission files
wrf_createCreate emission files for the WRF-Chem model
wrf_getFunction to read variables of emission files
wrf_gridCreates grid from wrf file
wrf_plotSimple plot from wrf emission file
wrf_profileCreate a spatial profile from a wrf emission file and a data...
wrf_putFunction to write variables in emission files
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