Man pages for ibarraespinosa/ratmos
Tools for handle and plot meteorological data including output of earth models

array3draster to nc 3d
array4draster to nc 4d
cetesbLocation some air quality stations CETESB
get_aaoGet Antartic Oscillation (AAO) data
get_all_indexGet all index in long format
get_aoGet Arctic Oscillation (AO) data
get_gfsGet GFS files
get_merra2Get MERRA2 files
get_naoGet North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) data
get_olrGet Outgoing long wave radiation (OLR) equator 160E-160W...
get_oniGet Oceanic Nino Index (ONI) data
get_pdoGet Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) data
get_pnaGet Pacific-North America (PNA) data
get_soiGet Southern Oscillation Index (SOI)
get_sstoiGet Sea Surface Temperature Oceanic Index Data (sstoi)
lclLifting Condensation Level
raster_ncCreates raster from nc path
raster_regcmCreates raster from nc path to RegCM
raster_wrfCreates raster from nc path
ratmosratmos: a package to read gridded model outputs, convert them...
seqrasterSequence of raster
thetaPotential Temperature
thetaeEquivalent Potential Temperature
tkTemperature absolute Kelvin
TnclTemperature at the Lifting Condensation Level
wind_shearCalculates Wind Shear
xtractorextractor from atmospheric models
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